As a consultant, I have worked with student start-ups like Regional Relief and public organisations like the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. Find out more about my inclusion practice and client testimonials here.

I am available as a freelance inclusion consultant for audits, discussion calls, education provision and facilitation, and resource development, as well as customised services. I am currently studying for a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development, specialising in D&I. Once I understand your goals, I can help create a unique path to achieving them, accommodating your specific needs.

I am available for both long and short-term projects with individuals and organisations of any size. Feel free to email me to discuss your organisational goals.
● Auditing your organisation to find key areas for improvement.
● Tailoring a plan for retention and future recruitment to your organisation’s needs.
● Creating and delivering a seminar series to educate staff about inclusion issues.

Student start-ups and voluntary organisations (10+ staff and volunteers), major public organisations (DSFRS, ~2300 full time staff, including EB, HR, middle management and front-line firefighters).

As a freelance diversity and inclusion consultant, my focus is on changing the internal culture of organisations through structural change and direct education. I have spent the last year devising and delivering a program of anti-racism and anti-sexism education within the DSFRS and have seen significant, measurable results in a very short space of time. I want to help more institutions and organisations to see these same results and improve the workplace experience of all of their staff. Using my academic background and personal experiences, I can create and deliver tailored resources and advice for organisations of all sizes.