My work as content creator and journalist has been featured in various national and international publications, including Tes Magazine, Oh Magazine, and the Manara journal. Find out more about the writing services I can provide.

I am currently a freelance journalist and a Contributing Writer for Tes. I have previously worked as an Editor in Chief at two publications, voluntarily at The Cambridge Student and professionally at Manara, and have significant experience as an editor, interviewer, team coordinator and writer.

I am available on commission as a copywriter, journalist, interviewer, editor and proof-reader. Feel free to email me for rates or a quote on a specific project:

● Copywriting for your website, social media or newsletters.
● Interviews with authors, artists and educators
● Curating features or opinion pieces

Local audiences/voluntary publications (100s of readers), national publications, such as Tes (1000s of readers, ranging from teachers, NQTs, TAs, tutors and educators to students and parents), international publications (1000s of readers, predominantly students and academics).

As a working-class university student at Cambridge, access and inclusion policy was close to my heart, and it remains so in my journalistic work on higher education. Moreover, my academic interests from university continue to influence my interests in my professional work, hence my previous writings on raciolinguistics and literature tutoring. My favourite articles are at least partly or wholly based on interviews, as I love the opportunities I have had to speak to unique personalities and esteemed academics.